IT'S A FIGHT FOR ME! While dying of AIDS is FIGHT! A daily FIGHT! I was REACHED, CENSORED, PERSECUTED AND THREATENED TO DEATH, for talking about HIV/AIDS, Sex, the State and the Church. We live in a Neofascist country of Bolsonaro. As long as we don't win AIDS, it's FIGHT, and I'm not going to get into the merits of the dismantling of public health in recent years and all the #EunãoSouDespesa fallacies.

STOP TALKING WHAT THEY (STATE/MEDIA/AND I DON'T KNOW WHO ELSE) WANT TO HEAR! This speech erases and makes many bodies invisible. They still die of AIDS and the FIGHT CONTINUES. It's easy to be in a position with "Ks" of followers and talk about linguistic structure. I suggest you read Brecht. "For those who have a good social position, talking about food is a low thing. It's understandable: they already ate." Well, I even understand the position about not using the terms of war. However, it is still necessary to FIGHT. It's awesome having to FIGHT every day, but these Fights are what we're here for and we talk about HIV/AIDS today. The STRUGGLE does not only happen when you share this CIS THEME, when your constitutional rights are guaranteed. THEY STILL DIE OF AIDS EVERY DAY and those who are in the front line are the black bodies, the transvestites, the non-binaries, the women. In short fled from the "Norm" there is FIGHT for the right to LIVE. I FIGHT AND LIVE WITH HIV AND AIDS AS MUCH AS THEY DON'T WANT TO.

The fight was always of the bodies said as "dissidents", once again, there is still a FIGHT because they still DIE OF AIDS. Maybe for us (and in that I include myself with all my privileges) it's not easy to see this fight because we can eat before taking our "beauty pills", we get transport to go to the appointments, we can even schedule an appointment, we get information and access to be UNDETECTABLE. It is our FIGHT, of all people living with HIV and AIDS in vulnerable situations, and the culprits are historically the State and the Church. REAFIRMO is a historic FIGHT that we have not yet won, unfortunately, we have advanced but we have not even come close to a concrete solution.

I fight for the State and the Church not to kill us. Enough of drooling over CIS TEMA egg. If you want war I feel ready. I'm exhausted to see people I love dying and it's because of speeches like these, withdrawing from the STRUGGLE, that we're walking in circles. Where do you want to go with this discussion? The fight was never against the PLWHA, but against the epidemic and all the arms that embrace it. How do you construct the word L U T A in this Christian West? This is my account of my experiences and STRUGGLES. Maybe it doesn't fit for some as well as for others, being gay is a Divine punishment.

WAY TOWARDS POC ANARCHISM WITH HIV Report in celebration of the 10 month anniversary of my censorship! What's after? Who is interested in the history of this body that lives with HIV and all its pseudo artistic propositions? LET US PRAY! AGAIN!


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