HIV and the RED color! Why is she in the project?

I received some messages about the reason for using the red color in the EM.COITROS Project. This question crossed me, because until then I didn't relate red to HIV, but to the different mythological factors that dialogue with my body and of course this little project! I thought a lot and thought a lot and more and more and decided to continue using the red, however, I would like to register this issue here. They told me that the red when related to HIV gives a possible reading of danger, of death and that this is not what they, who talk about this theme, want to pass on. Well, although the month chosen to talk about HIV/AIDS is called Red December, and the little bow, symbol that also represents it being red, these associations only crossed me with the message I received questioning the use of this color, I had never thought about this, I must be a covered paw, right?

I perfectly understand this statement about not associating red with HIV because of all the stigma that was created over death, a dangerous disease and all the hell that was created by conservatism and blah, blah, blah (I won't go into this topic now ) we already know well about this. For me red is the most exciting color of all colors. When I was little I shared a room with my brother (no I didn't think and I don't think he's exciting lol maybe now older, who knows lol) and one of the walls was all red, a bright red, like the one in the project, right in the center of the wall there were two giant black and white paintings, both with the silhouettes of the same woman in different frames, I called her Tifany, I thought that name was chic, she had a big red hat and in one of the paintings she showed a close-up of her face and a red ribbon tied around her neck and on the other her mouth and armchair were also red in color. Today I asked my brother to send me a picture of them and it's here!

These paintings are very sexy and since I was a child I thought they were super trend and I loved it when my little friends went home and entered that red room with these paintings. It was almost a cheesy chic motel! Look it up in the Portuguese language dictionary - red - very vivid color (that's it, very vivid!) In Umbanda a Mãe de Santo once said that I am the son of Ogun, that he is a strong and warrior entity, that protects individuals who are somehow persecuted and guess what? Ogun in Umbanda wears red and that's why in one of my works I use the Espada de São Jorge plant. Ogunhê, My Father! It's nice to be writing this blog because I can expose some "explanations" about my works and some poetic relationships they have, the guys are freaking out and interpreting everything as they want, right? Things take on the meanings we want to give them, don't they? We only see what we want to see, right? And it's okay, right? Sometimes no! HUH? rsrsr Let's open up this roll a little yummy?

They say that it's good to use red to start the week well and that it brings energy! So I'm going to enter the week through PAU. Yeah, the redwood! As I said, my grandfather was an indigenous person and that is why my relationship with the stories and myths that I delve into. In Tupi, they called the red tree Ibira Piranga, a red big stick with that big head pulsing blood, you know? They also used annatto as a natural resource, to decorate themselves, which is red in color! Before thinking that we lived in Pindorama, right? With all the palm trees and free from harm.

I'm going to talk a little bit about Japan, which is directly related to my construction too, hahaha I'm a super mixed bixa people... it's the mixture of Brazil and Egypt!

Since I was a child all my family went to Messianic Church, a Japanese religion, of Jhorei. So, this culture was present in many moments of my life, like worshiping the ancestors, which I think is fantastic and the idea of ​​rites must have come from there too. Have you noticed that on the other side of the globe, red is used a lot? Go to the Liberdade neighborhood in São Paulo and you'll know what I'm saying! In Japan red is used as protection against diseases and evil spirits, the flag called Hinomaru is red and white and this combination is considered good luck. Invitations for birthdays, weddings and children's births are always red and even brides use this color, look at that luxury people, decorations in red and white for happy and auspicious occasions. I'M GETTING MARRIED IN RED VRAUUU!!!

The word baby (akachan) in Japanese has the ideogram akai which is red and is related to protection, so they wear red caps, scarves and coats. Who out there has tied a little red ribbon against the evil eye? Should be it! I once tied one of these when I bought my first car the full name Perga - Potassium Permanganate, because it was the color of the little pill I used when I had chickenpox when I was 8 years old (the colors haunt me). Japanese family ideogram stamps are also red and the color was used by samurai as a symbol of strength and power in battle. Very chic! But it doesn't stop there, like Orion, being mythological, according to a Greek legend, red roses are symbols of love and fidelity, nhaaa that cuteness and the color of the Goddess Aphrodite. In the Neolithic period hunters (like Orion even rsrsrsr) considered this important color endowed with powers related to life and for several cultures in the ancient world the color was related to magical powers of invincibility, protection, strength and intimidation, seen in painting by Jan Van Eyck for example. Really fucking witch!

It is also the fundamental element of female life and sensuality like the sun and that incites action that is tonic, strong and bright. In Africa, tribal women paint themselves red before marriage and when their firstborn are born, and it is seen as a symbol of vitality. For alchemy, red is the central fire, the human being and the earth is the universal man, and the blood of immortality is the then sacred red, the color of the soul. According to color therapy, red is motivation, attracts new things and encourages new beginnings, prosperity and gratitude. Color invites to tolerance houses, transgressing prohibitions and stirring up sexual impulses. The darling vermilion, went on to describe revolutionary movements like COMMUNISM! YYYYYY.

One day symbols of power and wealth among so many millions of significances and now see it as something so bad? I think there's a lot more POSITHIVE things that are directly related to this project, than the standard role of associating red with death and something bad, poor thing. We are fighting against various stigmas, right? Why create another one? (I say this not diminishing any thoughts or positions against red and its use associating HIV/AIDS eiiimmmm, don't cancel me) Maybe this view of mine will help to change a little this fight with the poor little red, he is pure luxury, and also stop relating death as something terrible, I've already talked about my relationship with death in another text here! Maybe because of all that my flag is red! Hahahaha That's it for today guys! Love you.

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