Censorship existed and it is no longer talked about, they don't want to know about that body anymore. what was NEWS AND sensationalism has passed away. being censorship and incrimination left me many marks and when I say many it is in the broader meaning that “many” can have.

they asked me once

- How did you feel when you discovered HIV? It was bad?

And now I can answer:

- HIV was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. ALREADY censors and all the Embraces that she goes through, the wounds that opened in that body, it was one, if not, the worst of all that I experienced.

For this narrative to take hold, I need to START there in 2019, when I saw a call on the internet for a meeting/catalog of performances that would take place in Rio de Janeiro.

It would be the ideal time to release ideas for performances addressing HIV and AIDS at once.


A durational semipermeable performance/installation, where I proposed, to the sound of Antônio Variações, to sew my first original HIV testing exams with the results - positive reagent, sew my original birth certificate, some photos that were kept in the house of some relatives I don't know the names, with a messy and disorganized dance, the body shows it with a jockstrap thong, some orange fabrics and threads, a huge needle and for as long as the collective performances presented there lasted.

I was super excited, had ended a 2 month relationship, right after returning from a 7 month backpack across Latin America AND DELIVERED a commissioned performance to a gallery in Chile.

The EM.COITROS project did not exist yet, in fact it had another name, PORNO ZINE HOMO EROTIC, where I could PARTICIPATE IN porn fairs AND parties in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. I've already talked about this body that lives with HIV with photographs and some collages from the Todes es Santes series.

well... I received this message by e-mail from the collective that organized this action (for many reasons I'll SAY soon) I don't want to mention the name, neither of the collective nor of the organizers.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at 02.49.20.jp

This was the email RECEIVED

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at 02.48.26.jp

This was the REPLY email

So far everything is beautiful and all good and dot com. I arrived in Rio de Janeiro on 03/29/2019, went by bus and stayed at a hostel near Tiradentes Square, which is next to HO – Centro de Artes Hélio Oiticica.

Day 03/30/2019 – I arrive at the square very early, to see where I could PERFORM the performance, which I knew would happen right there. I found this “LIBERDADE” statue and took this photo in the insta storY to promote TODO ruffle.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at 02.36.27.jp

This video is an installation that contains the names of the participants and THE CARTOGRAPHY OF THE places where they would be distributed in the square.

It was a super festive atmosphere, with meetings, a lot of availability and artistic exchanges. I reported to the organizers of the collective that my performance had a sexual content between the lines and that I would be almost naked, and maybe I wouldn't feel like doing the performance like that in the square. They said they would make a BODY SECURITY barrier and suggested the green bank so that I would be more protected and closer to them.

I started the performance that would last for at least 4 or 5 hours. I was sewing all the stops on this bench, with the dance, the threads, the photos and exams.

For a moment I notice some policemen across the street. I continue my process and start shaving my ass on the bench. At that moment, one of the organizers came to talk to me to “fix it” because the police were there and they didn't want the other actions to be harmed and they PRIORED my “safety”.

I managed to run another 5 minutes of the action, after about 2 hours there. I was interrupted by the organizers asking me to stop the performance. I stopped.

That day I thought it was a bit bad, but I was very tired, I hadn't had lunch and it was very hot so I agreed to stop there without asking too much.

This marks the first act of censorship and soon you will understand all this role with this collective and organizers.

Here I leave the only video record I have of the semipermeable (unfinished) installation.

I followed life well... AND THE YEAR WAS RUNNING, I continued the processes of Em.coitros, taking photographs and performances, a solo exhibition at the Casa da Luz Cultural Center in SP, another at the Cabaret da Cecília and a collective EXPO also at the house Light, Visual works began to emerge, Instagram, performances. The ruffle was taking shape.

I receive an email inviting me to exhibit some work related to the work presented in 2019, asking me to send the work to the HO ALONG WITH the materials to put it on the wall.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at 02.48.26 (1
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at 02.48.26 (2

I didn't receive a penny from the city hall or the collective, in fact, from what I understood, everyone was doing it for the fun of it, that stupid thing (DI FREE) that I as an artist did to show the work and have it exhibited in a municipal museum.

I sent the work by mail, I spent more than 300 reais on that alone, ANOTHER LOG FROM A FRIEND'S HOME TO THE MUSEUM, not counting the cost of the work and all my work related to it. The collective received NO MUSEUM, and was aware of the work, asked for guidance on how to put it on the wall.

Ready! work placed. The exhibition opens to the public on 02/15/2020 and would run until 03/28/2020.


The text that follows is an open manifesto letter from Repudia . It is a collective account of those who stuck together, those who did not turn their backs in the face of imminent danger.

(I'll emphasize those who were with me from the beginning in this whole process and are eluses: Paula Borghi, Fátima Aguiar and Christian Paredes, they had others but the greatest help of the entire process from beginning to end without abandoning the boat are elus. eternal gratitude for all you have done for me and for freedom of expression in this bizarre country)

The events discussed here began, contrary to what was presented by the institutions (collective that proposed the action / ADM DO HO / SECRETARIAT OF CULTURE OF RIO DEJANEEIRO), before 02/15, the opening date of the exhibitions at the municipal center of Hélio Oiticica arts.

During the process of publicizing this event, groups on the right, in partnership with religious groups, began a virtual lynching against the artist Julia Vita, who invited her followers to go to the show using a video of the work Trabalho Domestico, previously presented at CMAHO at CMAHO at year 2017. These groups mobilized two PSL deputies TO go to the exhibition and when they arrived at the site, they produced a sensationalist video, taking the work of the artist Orion Lalli as a crime by Vilipêndio Religioso.

(I hadn't seen this video, I contacted him through a message on Instagram From the official profile of the collective that had invited the artists.


WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at 02.23.57.jp

The work called Todes es santes renamed #eunaosoudespesa was the target of the wrath of these deputies, who made a crime against Orion. fearing physical reprisal, both came into contact with the collective responsible for the exhibition and residents of CMAHO, but it did not support the artists, advising them not to divulge the works and events of that moment.

As all the media released my name, I started to receive threats over the internet on my Facebook /Instagram /Email and even Whatssap like:


“Keep an eye on where you're going in the next few days. Sinking your skull will be too little"

"If one day God gives me the opportunity I will punish you myself, your place is already reserved"

"Be careful what you plant later, it's no use crying and saying you're a fag, you'll be charged for what you've done"

"Put down the sledgehammer, this mockery has to end"

"After suffering an attack on someone's street, you will want respect"

"Die right man the world doesn't need you with this petty and sick art"

“Filthy Aidetic. Once AIDS kills you, you will be remembered for the idiot you were.”

"Let's hope you get the feedback as soon as possible"


Among these insults and threats was that of a Military Policeman who worked in the same neighborhood where I lived in the capital of São Paulo.

(below some prints)

Then began a process of mobilization by the artists, on 1/3 we received a

a statement saying that we would be authorized by the Rio de Janeiro Department of Culture to withdraw our works from the exhibition. The collective then got in touch with the participants so that they could attend the next day (Monday, 2/3) to remove the works if they wanted and talk about the situation we were going through. Due to the negligence on the part of the collective and the center, the artists decided to meet an tes the time scheduled to consider a position that pleases And RESGUARDASSE THE SAME.

(BELOW VIDEO OF THE Secretary of Culture of Rio de Janeiro)

00:00 / 02:37

On the same day, Deputy Márcio Gualberto and then Federal Deputy and lawyer Chris Tonietto, both from the PSL – Liberal Social Party, published another video saying that they would file the crime report at the DECRADI Office of Racial Crimes and Crimes of Intolerance and would seek the State Public Ministry so that I respond in court accused of the crime of religious vilification article of the Brazilian penal code 208 and article 5, item 6 of the federal constitution.

On February 23, 2020 Rio de Janeiro's Secretary of Culture Adolfo Konder posted a video on the city's official Facebook page saying that I would be officiated to remove my work from the cultural center, where later (February 28, 2020) the Municipal Secretary of Culture, through SMC Notification No. 001/2020, would suspend public visitation and notify that by March 2, 2020 my work would have to be removed from the exhibition space.

(To clarify... since the day they sent me the message on Instagram with the first video of the deputy visiting the exhibition, I have repeatedly contacted BY PHONE asking for support both from the collective and also from the coordination of the ho. what ever heard was...

- it won't do anything!

- they're just robots!

- Let's wait and see what happens!

- enjoy the carnival and then we can see it calmly.

As I said before, they are all part of this censorship! and this whole process was neglected. I warned, people are growing, people are being threatened, people are not doing it alone.

in the meantime I was solicited by several media outlets, I gave audio interviews, and it started to come out on many platforms.

I had been threatened with death once before and then I started getting zillions of messages from every possible platform on the planet, like these...)

On March 2, the television station TV Cultura Litoral published a video on Youtube announcing the removal of my work from the museum. And saying:

“And there are people who say that this is art that this is culture? This is disease. A person can only be sick.”

I went on March 2, 2020 as requested, I went to Rio de Janeiro at the Centro de Artes to retrieve the work. before entering the museum I stopped for lunch at a restaurant on the same street and a man wearing a shirt with the words “Bolsonaro president” sits at a table behind mine and stares at me ostensibly, a short time later a second guy, dressed in black and sits with him and they both kept staring at me, not feeling safe I went towards the Arts Center and one of these men chased me until I managed to enter the museum.

I removed my work in silence accompanied by municipal guards and people who were present on behalf of the Department of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The doors were closed and the lights turned off.

Follow me  report made on instagram when removing the work:


"Today, 03/02/2020, I, Orion Lalli,

author of the work TODe eS SANTeS renamed #EunãoSouDespesa do em.coitros project - erotic encounters of a body that lives with hiv, I withdraw my work out of respect for the other artists who are exhibiting with my work following the invitation of LAVRA at the Municipal Center of Arte Hélio Oiticica, in order to guarantee personal safety for responding to the accusation of deputy Mr. @depmgualberto and deputy Ms. @christonietto at DECRADI and at the Public Ministry - crime on the feeling of religious vilification - and through the decision to notify suspension of public visit document 001/2020 of the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Secretariat of Culture under the responsibility of Mr. Adolfo Konder. I ask those responsible to REOPEN the exhibition in respect of fundamental rights and guarantees / freedom of expression / democracy / dear values mentioned in article 5 of the Constitution. #censorshipnever


As I had just been physically persecuted, I went to the nearest police station to record what had happened about the persecution, where I found out to be the same place where the deputies opened the crime report against me, DECRADI. The police didn't want to do the police report, even though there were cameras all over the region and even though they had witnesses that I had been pursued.


I was guided by the lawyers of the Brazilian Bar Association in Rio de Janeiro and gave my testimony at the police station accompanied by lawyer Marina Rodrigues and Rodrigo Mondego, answering on the accusation of a crime of religious vilification.

after giving the testimony, I performed the performance of marking this censorship on my skin, with the spelling printed on the censored work tattooed on my body.


AND I DIDN'T feel safer living in the house in the center of São Paulo and I moved to the interior of the city.


I was accompanied by psychologists from the UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS)  after this period, when I had panic attacks, having to go to the hospital twice, do not go out in the street for fear that someone might find me and kill me, as the case had been widely publicized and knowing about the militia's involvement in politics at that time in Brazil and the direct relationship of the deputies who reproached me with the police, I didn't know who to ask for help, as it was the Brazilian state itself that was persecuting me.


During this period, the organization Freemuse got in touch to write an article about censorship in 2020 around the world, and later invited me to speak in a webinar of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). I said that I would be afraid that the case would come up again because of the political situation in Brazil, but I agreed to participate.


On May 26, 2021, I participated in a table at the UN "Speaking Truth to Power: Religious or Belief Minority Artists, Voice and Protest" organized by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and Danish organization FREEMUSE.

A few days after this speech the threats intensified again and a burning suitcase was placed in front of my gate, burning part of the wall and gate.


On June 8, 2021, they put a dead animal again in front of my gate and I also received two handwritten letters in a threatening tone.

In addition, cris and Fátima organized an event on 03/07 at Espaço Montage, which warmly welcomed us. I presented the slaughterhouse performance and then we had a speech exposing the whole process already mentioned. I appreciate the marcia of the fitting space.

that same day some artistes who were participating in the exhibition and part of this collective organized a parallel act in front of the ho.

look, it's really a joke, right?? finally I went there just to take that close-up, after all, the thing was about my job. I took the opportunity to sell some works for galaera and try to replace what I was spending staying 1 week in the river, more transport, remembering that I'm an independent artist so any 700 reais more already fucks my roll for a long time. in this I took advantage and pasted a poster on the gallery door. which was withdrawn by those responsible.


because I took it and left with him in silence all over the museum, walking slowly through the galleries, even happening events in the spaces and I put the poster back ON THE DOOR.





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